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Gorilla Tracking Rwanda in Volcanoes National Park Hiking From USD 2509.00 PP

A guide to gorilla safaris, hiking tracking and trekking tours Prices, Costs, adventures, safaris and  mountaineering in Volcanoes National Park.    Learn all about gorilla tracking in Rwanda, Rwanda gorillas safari, gorilla trekking Rwanda and Uganda.  For all your  gorilla travel, Gorilla  treks and hikes, honeymoons,  accommodation hotels and lodges, car hire and rental in Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania including Zanzibar. Rwanda for Gorilla Tracking

Gorilla Safaris Rwanda || Gorilla Tracking Rwanda 4 Days ||  Gorilla Tracking Uganda 4 Days ||  5 days Gorilla Tracking From Kilimanjaro || 4 days Gorilla Tracking From Nairobi

                   (GSR 001)Tour Program

rwanda 4days gorilla safaris, hiking, trekking tours(GSR 001)  Rwanda Gorillas in the mist 4 Days Rwanda Tracking Safari.


This 4 days 3 nights gorilla tracking safari in Rwanda is available 365 days with daily departures from Kigali.  Its a popular safari for those interested in seeing gorillas in their natural habitat and learn more about Rwanda.  It can be organized from any corner of the world.  Connecting flights are available from Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Sydney, Dubai.  Flights connect via Johannesburg in South Africa, Nairobi Kenya and Kilimanjaro Tanzania.


Tour Highlights:-Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park, The local Markets, The Genocide Memorial of Gisozi, the twin lakes Burela and Ruhondo and Gisenyi on shores of Lake Kivu



Three accommodation options are available- luxury at Sabyinyo Lodge, Mid Range at Mt Gorilla Vew Lodge/ Gorilla Nest Lodge/ La Babou Lodge, Budget at La Palme Hotel.


Included: Full board Accommodation, 2 Gorilla permits per person, Rangers and Guides, Transportation in a 4x4 car.  See below for more details


Tour Programme.


Day 1 Kigali *Ruhengeri -Kinigi  

Upon arrival at Kanombe Airport ( Also called Kigali Airport) , you are met and driven to your hotel. This 2Hrs drive takes you through the beautifully terraced hilly countryside of Rwanda to Ruhengeri and further to Kinigi the base of trekking and gorilla tracking.  Brief stopovers are provided on the way for photography.  Overnight at Mountain Gorilla View Lodge/  Kinigi Guest House / Sabyinyo Silverback Community Lodge (B/L/D)


Day 2 Rwanda-Gorilla Tracking Volcanoes National Park( Parc des Volcans) 

An early morning breakfast is followed by a drive to Kinigi park headquarters for group, guide allocation and briefing. This is followed by a drive to the trailheads where hiking and trekking up the hills to the bamboo zone begins.  Hiking, trekking and tracking gorillas may take 2-3 hours.  Sight and stay with the Gorillas for one hour. Descend to your hotel for lunch.  In the afternoon visit Lakes Burela and Ruhondo community.  Return to Kinigi in time for dinner. Overnight at  Mountain Gorilla View Lodge/  Kinigi Guest House / Sabyinyo Silverback Community Lodge  (B/L/D) (This tour of Lakes  possible if guests finish tracking  on time at no extra cost).


Day 3  Gorilla  Tracking Rwanda Volcanoes National Park

After breakfast, drive to Kinigi Park headquarters for  guide, group allocation and briefing.  This is followed by a drive to the trail heads where hiking/ trekking begins.   Gorilla Tracking begins upon sighting of the previous night's nests.  Stay with the gorillas for an hour and return to the base hotel for lunch. In the afternoon drive to Gisenyi on the shores of Lake Kivu.  Overnight Kivu Serena Hotel  (B/L/D)


Day 4 Ruhengeri / Gisenyi - Kigali-Home

After breakfast drive to Kigali .  Have a city tour followed by lunch.   In the afternoon transfer to the airport for home flight.


Gorilla Safari Rwanda Prices / Costs

The price are based on per person sharing basis.  Prices are shown in three columns- Budget, Mid range and luxury.


Total Costs? How much will it cost?

Taking an example of two people sharing accommodation wishing to go on a mid range safari, the total cost is USD 2767x2 =5534.00.  This price is all inclusive of meals, sightseeing, transport guides etc. If 4 people wish to use Midrange, the total cost is USD 2517x4= 10,068.00.

If you have an questions regarding prices and pricing feel free to contact us @ rnxploresafaris@gmail.com


  • 1 Person USD 3038.00  PP
  • 2 Sharing USD 2509.00 PP
  • 3 Sharing USD 2367.00 PP
  • 4 Sharing USD 2258.00 PP
  • SRS USD 90.00
  • 1 Person USD 3567.00 PP
  • 2 Sharing USD 2767.00 PP
  • 3 Sharing USD 2701.00 PP
  • 4 Sharing USD 2517.00
  • SRS 270.00
  • 1 Person USD 4960.00 PP
  • 2 Sharing USD 4029.00 PP
  • 3 Sharing USD 4007.00 PP
  • 4 Sharing USD 3780.00 PP
  • SRS 270.00


(1) Budget=2 La Palme + 1 night Malahide Paradise Hotel (Gisenyi)

(2) Mid Range= 2 Nights Mountain Gorilla View/ Gorilla Nest + 1 Night Kivu Serena Hotel 

(3) Luxury =2Nights Sabyinyo Silverback Community Lodge+1 Night Kivu Serena Hotel  .

All prices are on full board basis. 

Book  Email: rnxploresafaris@gmail.com or info@gorillasafarisrwanda.com

Gorilla Permits: In theory, gorilla permits are non transferable and non refundable.  However we do transfer  permits and refund permit amounts to our guests. We guarantee this.

Validity of the price:  The above price is valid for Bookings made between today-30 Dec 2013

Green Season for Sabyinyo Lodge falls between 01 April-31 May when prices are lower than above.


To enquire and book a gorilla safari in Rwanda:

 >>Email us rnxploresafaris@gmail.com or info@gorillasafarisrwanda.com

The price / Cost include the following:

  • Accommodation cost per person sharing on full board basis.

  • All Meals at hotel-  Meals indicated as B-Breakfast; L-lunch; D-Dinner

  • Transportation on 4WD fully fuelled and chauffeured

  • Driver’s Allowance’s allowance

  • 2 Gorilla permits per person

  • Park Entrance fee

  • Use of ranger guides while tracking

  • Complementary tour of Lake Kivu on day 2 if you finish tracking on time.

  • All government taxes

  • Complimentary tour of Genocide memorial of Gisozi the last day if time allow.

  • Plenty of mineral water during your tour.

  • Evacuation cover- This cover by AAR  It covers you for 15 days while in East Africa-  Kenya, Uganda , Rwanda , and Tanzania

The price does not include the following

  • Tips& Gratuities to guides, drivers and hotel staff , Beverages ,Extra meals ,Optional tours, Air fares, Visa fees and Travel Insurance. Guests are advised to take a comprehensive travel insurance prior to arrival


Please remember to bring the following with you for Gorilla Trekking,  Hiking & tracking safari

  • Hiking boots-not mountain climbers-anything hardy above the ankle is okey

  • Gloves 

  • Water proof container for your camera

  • A warm cardigan

  • If you desire to wear a headgear, a base ball cap is recommended

  • Long trousers and long sleeves are ideal

  • Enough film.

Optional activities while tracking gorillas
  • Tracking golden monkeys
  • Hiking Bisoke 1 day
  • Climbing Karisimbi 2 days
  • Tours of Lake Burela & Ruhondo 1/2 day
  • Tour of lake Kivu 1/2 day
  • Visit to Dian Fossey Grave
  • Visits to local communities

Golden monkey tracking, Visit to Diana grave Hiking Bisoke and Climbing Karisimbi starts at 07:00 Hrs at Kinigi Park Headquarters.  The activities will require an extra day.  Please book with us in advance.


Gorilla Tracking Families

There are seven(7) tourist groups-Susa, Sabyinyo, Amahoro, Kwitonda, Group 13(Agashya), Umubano and Hirwa.


Encounter with Rwanda gorillas  and tracking tips

Gorilla tracking is a clean practice (eco friendly) which ensures minimal impact to the local community, the environment and the gorillas. Gorilla Tracking rules and regulations have been put in place for the safety of the trackers, the gorillas and to check adverse environmental impacts. Besides these rules and regulations guarantees the continued existence of the gorilla as species, that is to avoid the extinction of the gorillas.


1.  Gorilla tracking in Rwanda - Submissiveness

When you encounter gorillas, you are required to portray total submissiveness.   Do not look at them straight in the eyes and avoid standing over them.    If the male gorilla charge at you, crouch down.  Gorillas have freedom of way. Do not drum your chest.


2.  Rwanda Gorilla Tracking/ Gorilla  Photography/Photographic Safaris

Flash photography is prohibited.  Tourists are allowed normal photography and filming for domestic use.  Special Photographic and filming safaris may be organized for particular gorilla tracking groups or families. These will include those who want to film specifically for commercial use and documentaries.  These will require accreditation cards unlike normal tourists.


3.  Health of the Gorillas

There are currently approximately 700 mountain gorillas in the wild.  Thus these animals are classified as endangered species.  Gorilla tracking if unchecked can endanger the life of gorillas.  Gorilla tracking in Rwanda is restricted to 8 persons per day per group.   That makes a total of 56 permits per day. Read additional rules at  Rwanda gorilla Tracking Rules and Regulations,

  • Avoid tracking gorillas if you suffer from contagious disease.  In case you develop a sever case of flu, your money will be fully refunded if you make this known in advance. However if you attempt to track and       fail for whatever reason, or if the guides discover that you cannot    track due to disease, you do not qualify for any refund. 

  • Do not sneeze towards them

  • Do not spit in the forest or defecate carelessly.  If you need to the guides will help you with a machete to dig a hole to bury your waste. 

4.  Environmental consciousness

Gorilla tracking is a clean activity.  Leave  only your steps in the national park.  Do not litter and if you spot any litter, collect it and take it down with you.


5. Tracking gorilla in Rwanda and Uganda- Gorilla Hiking and Trekking facts


How hard should one prepare for gorilla tracking in Rwanda?  The facts below will help you to answer this question.

  • Gorilla Trekking,  hiking and tracking takes place at altitudes of 3000 metres-this means that moderate/ average physical fitness is what is necessary and not athletic fitness.

  • Trekking, hiking and Tracking gorillas is conducted by patient, qualified and knowledgeable ranger guides with wide experience in natural history with particular attention to gorilla behaviour

  • Trekking hiking and tracking is conducted at a moderate pace with plenty of stops for resting, fielding questions further briefs etc.  Competitive hiking is discouraged as the aim of the guides, porters       and rangers is for all the group members to make it to the gorillas      and back to the base.  Believe it or not, the slowest hiker/ trekker     will determine the pace of the trek.

6.  Eating while tracking gorillas

You can carry your picnic but do not eat in the vicinity of the gorillas.

7. Chest beating

Please do not imitate the male gorilla chest beating. It may take that as a challenge and charge after you which can result in severe injuries.

8. Age Limit:  Only people of 15 years and above can track gorillas.

Other Gorilla Hiking, Trekking & Tracking Safaris In Rwanda


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